Exciting New Website. Same Exciting Hotel.

After months of hard work and fine-tuning, we can finally unveil our shiny, new website! We are incredibly proud of how everything turned out, and we are beyond excited to have it up and running. The Broadway Hotel has always prided itself on being a destination in a city full of them, and we needed a website to match that ambition. That website is before you now.

In this day and age, websites serve as the first impression for many potential guests, and we believe that ours robustly reflects who we are and what kind of experiences we offer. With an exciting new look and feel, our website visually pairs with our existing interior design. The sleek navigation and dynamic colorways evoke a level of sophistication and elegance only found at The Broadway Hotel, giving potential guests a preview of the luxurious experience to come.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve created reservations pages for all of our venues, each one perfect for meetings, events and all manner of special occasions and guest counts. Our award-winning restaurant, 11Eleven, is now integrated with Open Table®, helping ensure a table at one of Columbia’s premier culinary destinations. We’ve also added a component to reserve the fire pit at The Roof, the pinnacle of nightlife in our fair city. These features make it even easier for guests to come join us for dinner, the night or a night on the town.

The Broadway is more than just a hotel, so we needed more than just a website. Throughout this entire project, we wanted not only to showcase our services but to highlight how our hotel is a hub of activity in a city full of all kinds of events and goings-on. We have entire pages devoted to The District, Columbia’s buzzing arts scene and more. We want our guests to feel at home both within the hotel and out in Columbia, and our new website serves as the perfect tour guide — and starting point.

None of this would be possible without the help from our friends at Woodruff. A COMO institution (just like us!), Woodruff is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that works with clients in all industries on projects of all sizes — and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership with them. Woodruff knew exactly what we needed in a new website, and their talented team of creative individuals delivered even more. Their direction helped our vision come to life, and we are thrilled that we can now share it with the world.

Now that you’ve been introduced to our new website, it’s time to explore it for yourself!

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